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How to register GOD ID for any GODLIKE games

   First of all, before entering the game everyone must have GOD ID first for logging in to the game. For those who have never applied for GOD ID, can easily follow the below steps.

1. Enter GODLIKE KRITIKA:REBOOT website. Click >> GODLIKE Games
2. Click [Register] to enter the GODLIKE Billing website.
3. Complete the form by entering ID, Gender, Password, Phone number and Email
4. After completing the form click the checkbox [ ] I’m not a robot and click [Confirm]


You must use your current email. (It'll be used in case of forgetting the password)



With a few steps, you can change your password.

Step 1 : Enter the website : and log-in 
Step 2 : Click [Change password] or [เปลี่ยนรหัสผ่าน] as shown in the picture below.
Step 3 : Write down your current password, new password, and confirm new password. And then click [Change password] or [เปลี่ยนรหัสผ่าน] as shown in the picture below.


Add safety to the next level With SMS confirmation system.

   Kritika:REBOOT adding more security to the next level when applying for a GOD ID with a mobile phone number authentication system! Which you can apply for ID as usual. You can verify your identity through your mobile phone number first. The system will send an OTP via SMS to the mobile number used to register itself, you can find out how to verify your identity with your mobile number by the method below.

How to register to verify mobile-phone number

1. The first necessary step, You need to have a GOD ID first. You can see how to apply for GOD ID at: (link how to apply for God id)

2. After applying for GOD ID, please login to the system.

3. When entering the account information page, you will find the icon of various games by observing the topic "Mobile Number", which if the mobile number has not been verified, there will be a message "Your mobile number is not yet Confirm. " You can click on the message [Click here to confirm] to go to the next step.

4. When entering the mobile number confirmation page, have your friends enter their mobile number in the box. Complete, then press confirm

5. The system will automatically send OTP code via SMS system to your mobile phone number.

6. Then the OTP code can be entered in the fields to confirm the information.

** OTP code is valid for 10 minutes only **

** If not entered within 10mins you will need to start step 3 again **

Complete identity verification with a mobile number, 1 mobile number can apply for GOD ID 3 times only.

You can enjoy the game Kritika: REBOOT now ^_^