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Basic control

Basic control

Control Setting screen : You can customize control by following these steps.

1. Press [ESC]
2. Click “Control Setting”
3. Click on “Set Hotkey” tap.
4. Customized the key as you desire.

W A S D - basic movement of character.
Spacebar - Jump.
Q - Special combo attack, depends on character’s skill.
E - Special combo attack, depends on character’s skill.
Shift - Hold to run faster.
Left click : normal attack
Right Click : combo attack


User Interface

1. Server time and Region
2. Current Map or City
3. Current Channel


Minimap : This will shown legacy icons such as NPC, Shops, Stage transmission, Current character, etc.,

Quest List : By press [L] to launch Quest list windows this will show current accept quest from NPC click on any tap to inspect Quest’s detail.

    System Notice and message box : You can press [Enter] and type message to chat instantly, Player can switch between chat channel tap

And players can do emotion by clicking the Emote icon and selecting emotes for the character to perform.

Character UI : Will Show a brief description of current character like Name, Level and Class, CP, Awaken and stats.

Health Point or HP : Will display in red bar cap at 100% and will show different elemental debuff when received. Character will die upon reach 0%

Mana Point or MP : will display in blue bar cap at 100% Character won’t die when reach 0% and may change to other bar such as Rage for Berserker or Blood gauge for Vampire.

Ex mode and Orb bar : This will consume upon use on certain skills. Tap on [TAP] button to activate EX MODE.

Item shortcut : Drag consumable into this shortcut and may be used during mission.

Skill shortcut : Drag skill from Skill menu into this shortcut and may be used during combat.

Menu icon : these icons will display different contents and features of the game.

- Bet 
- Mission
- Card
- Siege
- Crest
- Lucky Draw
- Lv Bonus
- Event
- Daily
- Expirable
- Mileage
- Cash Shop


Sub menu icon : Upon holding [CTRL] the sub menu will be shown at the bottom screen.

- Autobattle

- Breeding

- Rankings

- Inventory(I)

- Ability

- Skill (K)

- Quest (L)

- Title and Emblem (B)

- Pet Collection

- Prime Ability

- Operation Team

- Damage Report

- PvP (P)

- PvP Tournament

- Auction House (;)

- Gold auction

- Guild (U)

- Party Search (])

- Friends ([)

- Knights

- Storage (F11)

- Mailbox (M)

- World Map (N)

- Change Channel

- System Menu

- Mouse (Ctrl)- B - Title + Emblem : Access Title & Emblem menu

- N - To access the world map.

- M - To access the mailbox.

- Ctrl - Show/Hide Mouse Pointer

How to Screen shot

1. Screen shot : Press [F12] to capture the current screen the image will store in Kritika’s folder.
2. Video record : Press [Insert] to start capturing the video and press [Insert] again to stop recording, the video will store in Kritika’s folder.