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8 characters introduction!


“I will slay a thousand men using my Sword and Rage! And you will be next ”

   Warrior represents RAGE of the battlefield, the real fighter who defeated a thousand men! With his Sword and Fist skills known for Bold, tough, and strong, the Warrior is a front-line Vanguard who can brawl enemies with ease. 


   ○ Berserker: Channel your rage into wild, spectacular power.
   ○ Fire Blast: Charge flame energy into your gauntlets to boost your attacks.
   ○ Doom Blade: Harness the curse into your Ghost blade and release them!


“You will taste my wild power!”

   This rogue will use beast power and acrobatics to overpowered the enemies, she will slice, scratch, or shock her opponents. Always the opportunist, she excels at back attacks, mischievous, and superb elemental destruction.


   ○ Wolf Guardian: Command a deadly spirit animal and elemental lightning!
   ○ Assassin: Will hit hard with Toxic and debuff, Enemies will never know what hit them.
   ○ Catspaw: Specialized in close combat with excellent combos


“Revenge or move on, I can’t decide it alone”

   A mixed-race between the legendary tribe Cordis and a human. A mysterious being who wields powerful magic that goes beyond human sense. A new type of Wizard who will blast through the battlefield with his Guns and magic of ancient, while keeping his twisted fate secret.


   ○ Shadow Mage: Unleash shadows and dark energy from other dimensions.
Warp Mage: Command time and space to trap, confuse your foes.
   Frost Mage: Harness the cold spell and freeze your enemies in place.


“Magical Lolita is here! Let’s be friend!”

   Noblia is a skilled spellcaster and minion master from another dimension, able to access tremendous power and devices. Using staves, wands, and hammers, she employs her conjuring skills to devastating the enemies.


   ○ Creator: Summon devices from another dimension and smite your foes.
Elemental Fairy: Conjure elemental spirits to do your bidding.
   Halomage: With powerful “Twinkle Finale” she uses a variety of lethal spells.


“You all must bow down to me or taste my Scythe!”

   An alchemist from elite alchemy of the Peruvian Magion Secret Brigade. who cuts down her foes with her giant scythe. Her true potential is revealed once she advances or Awakens.


   ○ Vamp: her powerful attacks can crush enemies, drain blood from your enemies, and use it to fuel lethal damage.
   Rakshasa: Switch between your melee hit and run Battle Stance and the ranged control of Chain Stance.


“I can’t stop! until I can find a way to cure this wound!”

   A disciple of ancient Eastern martial arts, the Monk deals devastating punches and kicks. He can utilize combos and devastate the battlefields.


   ○ Galactic Disciple: Release the power of the universe unto your foes.
Dark Worship: Harness the chaos within you and draw even more dark energy.
   Steam walker User of machines and harness Magic to aid you in battle.


With my powerful magic! I will have my revenge!”

   A girl who lost both of her parents in a wizard hunt. Swift and mobile, Eclair wields a variety of psychic blades to render her enemies incapacitated, disconcerted...or just plain dead. Each time she uses one of her basic combat skills, she generates more of these blades, and the more she has, the more powerful she becomes!


“I will receive gratuities with money and payment only”

She is a Treasure hunter from a faraway land, She equips with her bow and arrows and combines with a set of skill, she can dodge and attack at the same time makes her special movement powerful and she can command Giant Hawk to aid her in battle.