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Enhancement System

   There are over nine pieces of gear or equipment in Kritika in-game, which are essential to increase Combat Power. And in addition to the 9 essential main gears, there are also accessories including the Talisman, Catalapis and Artifact.

Main gear

The main gear consists of 9 items. These items will differ depending on the character class.

  • Heavy Armor for class Warrior Blader Monk Eclair and Lina.
  • Leather for the class Rogue Reaper and HongRyoung.
  • Cloth for the class Gunmage and Noblia.

At level 70 there will be a variety of sets to choose from. Each set has its own unique property value. And can be obtained from various dungeons.


   A talisman is an accessory that grows when clearing a dungeon or using an item to level up. When equipped with a Talisman, there is a moon ring around the character.

To unlock Talisman slots:

   After reaching 110k CP, you will receive a mission to unlock slots. When sending missions, you will receive a minimum of Talisman and unlock Talisman slots, if lost, can be purchased from NPC Rubal for 500k gold.

Level up Talisman:

Leveling up can go into a level 70 dungeon, but the amount of EXP gained varies according to the dungeon, the minimum Talisman can be leveled up to level 20.

Added Talisman features:

In order for Talisman to get a special feature, you can go to Rubal to purchase [Talisman] Origins or Daily Dungeon Stragglers' Camp which can be entered 3 times a day.

To add the Talisman feature, you can open the Library and click the Talisman button at the bottom left.

Talisman development:

   When Talisman reaches level 20, it can evolve. To develop to the next level Can be developed at NPC Eogiyacha, the cost will change according to the level. As it evolves to the next level, it will change color. And the appearance while in the dungeon as well!


   Catalapis is an expansion slot that consumes resources to increase CP while in the dungeon, with Catalapis that uses skill-based charges. Also, activating EX (press Tab) will give you a buff.

   The rare Catalapis has 1,000 charges and cannot be enhanced.The Legendary Catalapis can boost up to +12 and charge 11,000 times.The Legendary Catalapis also comes with a unique feature.

Getting Catalapis:

   After reaching 110k CP, you will be given a quest to unlock Catalapis slots and get free Catalapis. Special effects can be selected.

Legendary Catalapis can be obtained in random boxes from NPC Rubal for 100 green stones.

Charging the Catalapis:

   While using various skills in the dungeon, the catalyst expires. It needs to be recharged for use again. Right-clicking on a catalyst while not wearing it will open the charging menu.One charge will require a certain amount of Crytal and Cracked Core of Catalapis.Cracked Core of Catalapis can be purchased from NPC Rubal for 50,000 golds each.

Catalapis improvements (legendary levels only):

   Enhancement can be done at Strengthening Anvil Catalapis and artifacts use the same materials and protection. You will need a [Auxiliary] enhancement stone to enhance it.

   When empowered to +3, there is a chance of Catalapis being destroyed if enhancement fails, Rare Safeguard Fuse will prevent destruction.

To obtain enhancement materials:

   [auxiliary] Enhancement Stone and Safeguard Fuse can be found in the Haunted Spellfurnace dungeon. This dungeon can be created 3 times per day, and it can be added up to 10 additional times with tickets.

Or use Blue stones to purchase [auxiliary] enhancement stones and Safeguard Fuse.


   Artifacts are high-end gear parts. That can be upgraded. And greatly increase the property value There are many options to choose from. Both increase the damage Added protection Increase elemental powers and more.


How To Get Artifacts

   Artifacts slots can be unlocked after completing story missions. And the mission when CP 110K when completing the quest will unlock slots and get 1 Artifacts that can choose their own properties.

Enhancement Artifacts

   Enhancement can be done at Strengthening Anvil Catalapis, and Artifacts use the same materials and protection as Catalapis.

Adjusting the Artifacts property

   Rare artifacts can feature up to 4 lines. Reidentify scrolls or recalculation scrolls can be used to change the properties of artifacts, just like gears.