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Q : Where I can get an ID for playing the game?

A : Please refer to this page on how to register your GOD ID >>Click<<


Q : Where do I acquire the game client?

A : You can download it from here >> Click <<


Q : I have the Client setup files, How do I proceed with it?

A : Please refer to this guide on how to setup the game >> Click <<


Q: The game are in Thai language where do I change the language?

A: Click on this button on the game launcher UI and switch to English.


Q : Can my PC run the game?

A : Please check the game specs here >>Click<<


Q : How do I refill the Cash and what method?

A : Currently the game can be top-up by using True Money serial codes via Godlike billing.

*other method such as PayPal will be available in the future.

also please refer to this page


How to refill the game >>Click<<


Q : How do I create my character ?

A : Please check on this page >> Click <<


Q : How do I control my character ?

A : Please check on this page on basic control >> Click <<


Q : I want to know more on the game system.

A : You can check on more game guides here >> Click <<


Q : How do I change the website language?

A: You can change the site's language by click on "Language" tab on the top right corner.


Q : I find there an Windows Protection windows appear.

A : Please refer to the images below. You may click "More info" and Confirm to proceed to next steps.


Q : EAC error SHA-2

A : SHA-2 Cause by lack of Windows Critical Update of October 2020 

For Windows 7 64bit Download this patch to continued >> Click <<

*Caution for windows 7 64bit has a critical update as default. Which if it is a genuine Windows And does not close receiving updates. It will receive regular updates from Microsoft. We would recommend updating Windows or using newer Windows version (ie. Windows 10) To be able to play the game normally.