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How to get Coupon Code from Pre-registeration.

Good news for anyone who Pre-registered can receive Coupon Code from Pre-register. Get it today! The code can be used to have fun with the game Plus get a chic outfit to show off to friends as well And for Anyone who has not registered yet You can still pre-register until December 18th 2020!

You can pre-register at >> <<

How to get Coupon Code

1. Got to Pre-register page >> << And log in with your GOD ID.

2. Click on "รับรางวัล" to recieve the codes.

3. The Code window will appears.

You may copy the codes and you need to exclude the " - " from the code.


How to redeem the code in Coupon redeem site.

Or you can go directly to the site >> <<

First row GODLIKE ID

Entered your GODLIKE ID.

※ Coupon can not be redeemed unless the correct Godlike ID is entered.
※ ID must have at least one character created.
※ Please check your character’s Item Storage after redeeming the code.


Enterd Coupon code Number

Enter your Coupon Number in this row.

※ Coupon number is 13 digits
※ Coupon number is formed with only English letters and numbers.
※ Special character can not be entered. Including “ - “ (The hyphen)


If succeed the message will appear as follow.

If the coupon has already been used, please contact our staff via. Page inbox.

If your ID doesn't have any character please make one in order to redeem the coupon code.

Once redeem the coupon code, the items can be found in your ID's item storage. (F11)

Then you may tick the check box to recieve the items.

Then Press (i) to access the personal inventory.

That's it, You can enjoy free items from GODLIKE Kritika REBOOT ^^