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GODLIKE Games partnered with ALLM to provide Kritika:REBOOT service In Southeast Asia.

   GODLIKE Games partnered with Korean game developer ALLM Co., Ltd. to jointly launch the game service. Kritika:REBOOT Online, An action MMORPG game that is exceedingly popular with players on Steam, GODLIKE Games will be officially launched in Thailand along with other countries in ASEAN as SEA server separately from the Steam service and will launch within the year of 2020s.

   Kritika:REBOOT Online, Under the service of GODLIKE Games, will support Thai and English languages. So that all players can enjoy Kritika:REBOOT games in a more intuitive way than ever before. Better graphics have been developed, improving the system and UI to be easier to play. Along with increasing the convenience of players with the top-up channels via the GODLIKE Games system.

   Kritika:REBOOT a Hack n' Slash Action MMORPG game from ALLM Co., Ltd. with beautiful visuals. An exciting fighting system Where the players can utilize the attacking combo continuously, smoothly and the system that supports players with teamplay, Be ready to be dazzled by skill effects that can be adapted to the player's playing method with the style of intense action fighting games.


   Currently the game Kritika:REBOOT Has partnered with the world's #1 game platform, Steam, the game service That will connect players from around the world to enjoy the fun, set up an adventuring party at the same time And the game also supports different languages And in SEA servers Will add the Thai and English languages so SEA players will have fun together as well.

Action Hack n' Slash!

   Ready to open the battle to clash with the game Kritika:REBOOT With the most dynamic fighting style That can be controlled as you would like a leading Action MMORPG game that uses the same controls as playing TPS games. Not only will the players have to attack monsters as quickly as possible !! Players can also maneuver. To find the counter-attack timing be ready to set up a combo of skills that attack the most!

Enjoy a variety of Characters.

   Make a difference in gameplay Kritika:REBOOT Go with various characters within the game That is divided into main classes. Which have different weapons, abilities and if you reach the required level Can also choose sub-classes. Each class has its own unique fighting approach and ability. Whether it is a giant sword, magic gun, Fist, Spear, Scythe or magic bow, with a fighting style and skill effects spectacular.

Solo or Co-op play.

   Inside the game Kritika:REBOOT Players will have fun with various systems. That is designed to support the battle of many players. Organizing a team of players to fight in various dungeons, each dungeon Will have a variety of forms especially Raid dungeons that can be said to be extremely brutal. Prepare to engage a party and go ahead!

The battle between the players Also known as PvP is a cool system whether a 1vs1 battle or a team fight or capture the flag, there is also a tournament between the Guild and the Ranking System.

customize the skill as you like.

   In addition to choosing a class of characters, Kritika:REBOOT. Also allow players to choose a way to customize skills to be used in combat, make combos freely. Whether it is a form of Special attacks Skills create different states can be mixed together to uniquely suit the playing style of the player

   Including the ability to customize equipment and a variety of weapons. With a system of Enhancing that in addition to increasing the strength of the characters Combat powers and add playing techniques with special skills as well as to develop the ultimate character in their own way.

Fashion and cool pets!

   A Brutal fighting game. But fashion is not a loss to anyone! An extensive set of cool costumes including the face, hair, Body, and weapon skins. With a vast selection comes a privileged status that can be selected Whether it increases HP or MP and a lot more.

   In addition, it also collected a exotic pets and more than 100 distinct types in the game that will join the adventure in the world. Kritika:REBOOT


   These are just a few of the fun features. That player will experience the game Kritika:REBOOT By  GODLIKE Games. Please follow us on.

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