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GODLIKE Kritika: REBOOT Pre-registration is now open !!

   The wait is over! Kritika: REBOOT Pre-registration is open today. Ready to receive special items for free !! At the opening of the game this December!

   Ready to blast with Kritika: REBOOT Hack n 'Slash style MMORPG action game from ALLM Co., Ltd. that will take players into the fierce battle of the brave. From a variety of formidable weapons and magic, Along with a unique touch of outstanding graphics. The game is compact with a fast and exciting fighting style where the players can brawl the attacking combo continuously, flowing smoothly with a system that supports playing as a fun team. Be ready to dazzle by the effects of skill that are beautiful and full of violence. Meet the style of action and fighting games that has been popular with gamers all around the world.

   And in December the game Kritika: REBOOT will be ready to open for Thai gamers And from Southeast Asia. Get ready to experience the fun of the best Action MMORPG with a full range of services provided by GODLIKE Games Co., Ltd. that is ready for gamers to pre-register to receive many free items!!

Pre-registration details

   Pre-registration Rewards : Pre-registration prizes are given heavily! More than 9 fashion pieces and a permanent pet "Puy [High]" a baby elephant. 30 days premium privileges and other items over 2,000 baht !! Pre-Registration can be made from 24th November 2020 to 8th December 2020.

STEP 1 : Login with GOD ID account.

   Go to the Pre-register page, then click on the "Register GODLIKE ID" button, enter your ID to login. You can click on the image to access the pre-register page.

   For those who do not have a GOD ID, you can apply for a GOD ID membership by clicking on the GODLIKE ID GODLIKE button or you can read more details about creating a GOD ID at >> Apply for a GOD ID <<

   For those who already have an ID, enter the Username and Password, then press the Login button, it will be registered immediately When the registration is complete, the LOGIN button on the event page will say COMPLETED, it will be considered a successful registration.

Rewards : 

♦ Speaker x10
♦ Superpower Potion x10
♦ Ultrafast Potion x10
♦ Strong HP/MP Potion(Restores 100%) x10
♦ 90% Stage clear EXP increase potion(48 Hours)
♦ Golden Dragon Name Decoration 7 Days
♦ Golden Dragon speech 7 Days

※ Bind on Equip / Untradable

STEP 2: Verify mobile number

   Take the security of GOD ID to the next level with phone number verification. To Confirm the mobile number in the ID application process, the system will automatically verify the mobile number.

You Can press the button “More details Phone number verification ” Please go to >> OTP verification process <<

Rewards : 

♦ Puey pet [HIGH]
♦ Puey Emblem
♦ Pet Food, amount 20 pieces

※ Cannot be sold, destroyed or traded ※

STEP 3: Invite your friends.

   EP 3: Invite your friends to join this step. This will allow you to invite friends to apply for GOD ID to play Kritika: REBOOT. If you refer to your friends for the specified numbers. You will receive the rewards!

How to invite a friend? Copy the URL here and send it to friends who want to join!

   For whom are participants And click on the link provided by your friend, if you do not have a GOD ID, press the button to apply for GOD ID by through the link that your friend sent to. It will be counted as an ID that has joined the friend's invitation. 

   And for those who already have a GOD ID, click on the link that your friend sent to. And login according to step 1 above, you will be able to join your friend invites successfully.

   When completing the specified number of inviting friends. Rewards button will display Complete status as indicated. And will receive the reward as specified


Step 1: Invite 3 friends to receive Enhancement Item Selector x 5.

You can select one of the following in each box.

  • Enhancement Stone(Lv 1~70)(Bind) x 500
  • [Auxiliary] Enhancement Stone(Bind) x 350
  • Safeguard Fuse Plus(Bind) x 2
  • [Auxiliary] Safeguard Fuse Plus(Untradable) x 1
  • [Myth] Gold Rune x 2

※ Cannot be sold, destroyed or traded ※

Step 2: Invite 5 friends to get 1 piece of Premium Service (30 Days).

  • Premium privileges will be given
  • Premium Benefit (30 Days)
  • Monster EXP Increase 20%
  • Stage EXP Increase 20%
  • Bonus Card Open 1
  • Extra Resurrection Stone 3
  • MVP Motion Skip Applied
  • Auction Upload Count Increase 10 Counts
  • Part of Stage Entrance Increase 1
  • Transcendence Power 30
  • The vigor of the sky 1 per Character
  • Premium Fishing Rod 1 Day 1 per Character
  • Skill OverClock 1 Day 1 per Character
  • Luciana's Promise(Drop Potion) 30 Minutes 6 per Account
  • Pigran Mario VIII(1 Day) 1 per Character

Step 3: Invite 10 friends to receive 9 Smart Uniform High tier Costume Sets.

Invited friends will receive 1 piece of Premium Service (7 Days).


   1 person invited will be regarded as the referrer ID. When the referrer ID has verified the phone number with their ID. 

   If does not verify their phone number, Will receives rewards for the part of the invited only But does not increase the number of IDs invited to the invitation. And an account invited can only join for 1 group and Cannot enlist multiple groups Which will count the first group as the main invites only.

   For all rewards Will be distributed through the Coupon code of the GODLIKE billing system after the game is open for full service. 

Through the website And the item code will be valid until June 1, 2021

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