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Get knowing Kritika:REBOOT Experience the fun of the world's best Action MMORPG!

   Kritika:REBOOT Online is a 3D MMORPG inspired by anime fantasy. A mixture of Action games, including the capital city, Openworld and Instant Dungeon. Players can choose from various classes and characters to play. And branched out into specific and unique classes to that character and also support party plays. In addition, Kritika's character control, which is one of the highlights of the game, with various skills that can be continuously hitting combos and fast paced, making it fun to the next level with the Instant Zone party.


Major systems:

- Various Different Classes: For example, a character selection of the Warrior class that can branch to Fire Blast, Doom Blade or Berserker, or Rogue class branched into Cat paws, Assassin or Wolf Guardian, and many more classes will be available in the future updates.

- Action-packed Combat: Combining skills, doing combos maximizes your DPS and dealing with monsters quickly.

- Party-focused: Check out the available rooms and team up with other players to enter Instant dungeon and a wide selection of in-game PvP modes.

- Unique anime style graphics. Enter a dazzling and stylish world with immense magic effects. And accessories inspired by popular anime series

- Character customization. Customize skill ups and choose your character's appearance And strengthen the equipment to show off your uniqueness And add outstanding to your character.


   Kritika's Hack n 'Slash action MMORPG is a comeback to what was launched in Thailand in 2016, which has received tremendous feedback from players, and this December 2020, Kritika will return. Come again in "Kritika:REBOOT" That will be different from the previous version that was previously open! In this return, there is a development of the graphics that are even more beautiful. Ready to improve and add new game systems such as enhancing the system to strengthen the Pet system. The looting system has many new classes included. 

   To create more fun and adjust the UI to be easier to understand than before. Kritika:REBOOT will be supported for both Thai and English languages.

Explosion of fun With the fierce fighting style!

   Experience the fast-paced and exciting fighting style of the game Kritika:REBOOT. Where players can control the character freely and brawl into the fight, Ultimatization your combos and attack continuously, flowingly and smoothly. The game also has a very fun team-play support system. That will make all players dazzled with their effects and skills and full of intensity. With the style of action and fighting games, That have been popular with gamers all over the world.

   But the fun is not just a typical character control system of Action MMORPG games that players are familiar with. The game will allow players of all ages to have fun and experience the game Kritika:REBOOT Easier than before.


Intensify with brutal dungeons and win a legendary item.

   Many dungeons are ready to be conquering. Which is packed with various enemies that will invade and attack continuously from all directions, including the brutal and ready to evoke the fighting spirit of the player. When going down a dungeon Player can choose to go solo or fight with their friends and It's even more fun!


There are many different characters to select from, more than 7 Characters!!

   In the game Kritika:REBOOT During the first patch, there will be 7 characters to choose from and can also change their class and in each class will have a unique playing technique method. Which player can choose to play according to the style of play as follows.

Fighting Spirit - which focuses on physical combat that focuses on melee attacks. They can cause severe damage in the combat.

Technic - an extraordinary planner. Properly armed with various innovative technologies in the Kritika world. Best to cause damage over time.

Intelligence - A magnificent role that can be fought fiercely with anyone. Whether to help or support the team or deal damage quickly!

Deliver your strategy to battle in PvP.

   For anyone who is the main PvP! Kritika: REBOOT will not disappoint you for sure! With the PvP Arena boiling! The players will lead their characters to fight with other players. Who have to leverage fighting with techniques that the players will have to arrange combos as you like. So let's measure who is better!

   PvP system of the game Kritika:REBOOT will have many modes to choose from, such as "1vs1" that measures who is better, or "Dead or Alive", which is a 3vs3 or 2vs2 team fight.

   PvP also has a team mode to choose from to enjoy a lot of fun. "Team Battle" is a team battle of 2 or more, which will gradually fight one by one. A fun mode that requires team play. Which has divided into raids, attacking the Guardian at the enemy base and the other team to defend the base, etc. It is said that players who enjoy PvP will definitely love the fun of this game.

Transformed into a cool look. Going with the costume system And cools pets

   To add cutely and cool to the characters in the game Kritika:REBOOT. To stand out from the crowd With fashion costumes There are more than 100 designs to select from! There is, in addition, a pet companion system that will support the fight with the players. And can also help buff up the stat as well!

Want to be brutal? You must be strengthened with a character upgrade system.

   Come to upgrade characters for gods tier with a system of strengthening that has a variety of development and Prime Attribute that helps to improve your combat techniques. And reinforce the skill to be more powerful and In addition there are also weapon and character upgrades, etc. that will make the player's character even better.

This is just a glimpse of the fun feature. That player will experience the game Kritika:REBOOT!!