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GODLIKE Kritika:REBOOT Announcing the opening date on December 15th!

   Kritika: REBOOT Announcing the full release service schedule 15 December 2020 at 1:00 PM (+7 GMT) onwards without Beta Test and no data reset. Reveal the information of the LAUNCH NOTE in the first opening. Kritika:REBOOT will follow the system of the same developer team that serves in STEAM and will have various updates in the Future to maintain the game balance and be suitable for the early launch.


   The Major overall systems are similar to the version released in STEAM, but the item prices in Cash Shop will be improved to be suitable for players in Thailand and Southeast Asian regions In which version of GODLIKE Games will be Exclusive for Thailand and SEA.


   As the developers have already seen the suitability in both the price of the store that is more conveniently and more casual way to top up and service to Thai and SEA players. Through a team of professional service providers like GODLIKE Games and also plans to add a new playing system that will be adjusted in the future to be equal to the STEAM for the players in the future for sure.

   And of course, the market system [Auction house] will still be the same. To support the trade between players And a lively community.


The game itself will be adjusted to balance the game during the first launch. The details are as follows.

Full service opening schedule

Full service opening schedule

December 15th 2020 at 1:00 P.M. (+7 GMT) onwards.

   Extend the registration time Pre-Register!! You can pre-register to receive a cute permanent pet "PUEY", and "Smart Uniform High tier Costume Set" and also "30-day premium privilege" along with other items (worth over 2,000 THB !) until December 14th only! For those who have not registered the Pre Register, please follow and register by the link below.

Pre-register Kritika game: REBOOT:

[Character system and level]

♦ Character & Classes ♦

   Choose your characters And change to your preferred class. There will be Classic characters that will be available to choose from 6 Main characters and 2 Side Class which can be advancement level 15.

General Class

Warrior A strong warrior with a giant sword. Fiercely attacking And a great tank

Can be advance as follows:

○ Berserker, a great sword warrior who turns anger. It's a crazy fighting power.
○ Fire Blast Fighter equipped with steel gloves. Filled with the power of fire
○ Doom Blade, the swordsman who uses the spirit sword. And swordsmanship that is fast, swift and powerful

Rogue, an assassin that can attack both close and medium distances, is the fastest in the game

Can be advance as follows:

○ Wolf Guardian fights with the Guardian Wolf.
○ Assassin, an assassin who created Debuff poisoning many enemies.
○ Catspaw the scratchy cat Cute but quick to attack The fastest in the game

Gun Mage A mage who wields a gun as his primary weapon. He can attack or support a team from a distance.

Can be advance as follows:

○ Shadow Mage will be devoured by a grudge. And exploding with his servant Alteo
○ Warp Mage combines magic and mechanics. Generate skill, lock target automatically.
○ Frost Mage utilizes the power of the cold element to control the freeze, supporting it from a distance.

Noblia, a magical girl who can attack both melees and long distance, possesses tremendous power. And can summon minions as well

Can be advance as follows:

○ Tiny but cool Creator Little inventor with her various weapons.
○ Elemental Fairy Magical girl and the four elemental spirits with spectacular skills.
○ Halomage, a young girl equipped with a formidable weapon, Twinkle Finale, that will attack fierce enemies.

Reaper Alchemist With excellent scythe skills You can continue combos up to your heart. And sway like the wind

Can be advance as follows:

○ Vamp uses powerful blood magic. Using the blood of the enemy Return to attack the owner of the blood.
○ Rakshasa, the black grim reaper, reap the souls of enemies in chains. The more kills The more you hit the farther.

Monk with a mighty punch. And a swift kick combination of fierce melee character.

Can be advance as follows:

○ Galactic Disciple, a fighter that focuses on stopping enemies. By using the forces of the universe and stars
○ Dark Worship Lord of Darkness With a strong attack power continuously Epic combos
○ Steam walker that utilizes pure energy. Possesses technology to increase the capability If you mix combo moves well he will give the enemy no chance to counterattack.

Side Class

Eclair, a Psychic mage who creates weapons according to her imagination mixed with magic of old and also wields a gun and sword.

HongRyoung, the strongest treasure hunter, who draws fast. And her strength is second to none Comes with a companion falcon that joins the fight in every skill.

The character Lina, Blader, Blade Dancer and Flame Striker characters will be updated later with every major future update. For stability And extends the life of the game, the developers foresee to keep some content for later updates.

♦ Level Cap ♦

  • Level will be limited to level 70 and will be expanded to level 75 in the future.
  • More content related to level 75 will be brought later. With updates to Level Cap and Soul System.

♦ Map ♦

  • The map will reach the Dimension Library, And the Mana Fall Village map being updated in the future.

♦ Skill & Ability ♦

  • Ability cap will be adjusted from 60% down to 30% and will be increased in future for balance.

♦ Level up Rewards ♦

  • Level-up rewards from level 15 to level 70 will be changed to fit the launch patch.

♦ Level up Elixir ♦

  • Level-up potions will be removed to balance the game during the first launch.

♦ Rank Items ♦

  • The main equipment and accessories in the game are Low, Mid, High, Rare, Legend and Myth.
  • With the exception of Myth Artifact, Myth Auxiliary enhancement, Myth Catalapis, and Myth Talisman Evolution, they will be added in a future update.

[Dungeon and Stage system]

The dungeons that will be available for the first time are as follows.

  • Normal Stage or various story dungeons
  • Chaos Stage - CP Limit: 30,000
  • Conquest Stage - CP Limit: 140,000
  • Spell Furnace Stage - CP Limit: 110,000
  • Action Stage: CP Limit: 200,000
  • Stragglers' Camp - CP Limit: 500,000
  • Dimensional Library - CP Limit: 500,000/3M
  • Operation Dimension Portal Attack - CP Limit: 300,000
  • The Doomsday of Rachel - CP Limit: 1M
  • Past Memory: Airship which the Dragon awoke on - CP Limit: 1M
  • Stragglers' Catacomb - CP Limit: 1M
  • Daily Stage
  • Parallel Labyrinth
  • Chaos Parallel Labyrinth - CP Limit: 1M
  • Arena
  • Illusionary Palace

[Quest and System]

♦ Attendance & Check-in System ♦

  • Check-in system to receive rewards will be removed. For balance early in the game

♦ Quest rewards ♦

  • Some quest rewards, such as weapon items, will be adjusted to restricted players to have more Combat Power too quickly.

♦ Auto-Quest system ♦

  • Auto-Quest Success button will be removed. For balance early in the game And allow new players to enjoy the story quests even more

♦ Special Gadget Enchant ♦

  • Various Special Gadget Upgrades will be brought in the next updates.

♦ Force System ♦

  • Ether Force will be released first 3 parts and will be updated in the next update.

♦ Siege War & Season ♦

  • The castle war system will be removed in an early gameplay.

♦ Betting System ♦

  • In-game match betting systems will be introduced in the next update round.

♦ Events & Mini Games ♦

  • Various in-game events and mini games Will be brought in the next update.

♦ Cash items ♦

  • Mystery Golden Key and Lilith Random box Gacha Key will be improved to use only 1 gacha / 1 box.

* Items cannot be traded *

♦ Steam DLC ♦

  • Items that were previously sold as DLC in the STEAM system will be sold in the Cash Shop in a future update.

[Other System]

Other systems to be launched in the first place

  • Fishing (fishing system)
  • Pet Gem (Gem system for pets)
  • Pet Collection (Pet Collection System)
  • Pet 2 (Enable the 2nd pet.)
  • Breed (hatching system)
  • Force System (Force Enhancement System)
  • Level Up System (Level Up reward system)
  • Kirenoth Knight System (Multi Character System)
  • Cogwheel's Nightmare Training Ground (Cogwheel Dungeon)
  • Ability (enhancing system, ability, ability and stats)
  • Premium Service (Account Bind) (Activate Premium Service.)
  • Lilith's Random Box
  • Arendel's Random Gold Box
  • Mystery Golden Key (Key to open a random box)
  • Expand Vault.
  • Card (Card collector system)
  • Auto-Battle (Card system)
  • Captcha (Illegal Play Verification System)
  • Automatic Ban (automatic ban for illegal play)

   In the future, the developer has prepared an update plan to reflect the version provided in STEAM even more, whether it is a new character. New dungeons or Tournaments And various activities throughout the Year 2021 !

 For more information on GODLIKE Kritika: Reboot, please visit

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