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   Ready to explode with fun! GODLIKE Kritika: REBOOT Fully open for service 15th December 2020 at 1:00 PM (+7GMT) onwards without Beta Test and no data reset!! Prepare to set up your party and ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure to the Kyrenos kingdom of war is boiling! Fight in brutal dungeons and immerse in a story discovered to be extremely intense! There are, furthermore, Events and promotions to celebrate the server opening with full of rewards and giveaways!

*สำหรับภาษาไทย คลิกที่นี่ >> คลิ๊ก <<

♦ Extended Pre-Registration Time! ♦

   Extend the registration time for Pre-Register!! You can pre-register to receive an adorable permanent pet "PUEY", the best cashless "Smart Uniform High tier Costume Set" along with. "30-day premium privilege" along with other rare items (worth over 2,000 baht) until December 18 only! For anyone who has not registered the Pre Register, please hurry and register by the direct link below.

Pre-Registration : 

♦ A promotion to celebrate the server's Launch TOP UP +20% ♦

  A great promotion to celebrate the server opening, Just top up at GODLIKE ID Billing account on December 15 to December 20, and get more than 20% worth of extra cash.

• Package period •

15 December 2020 at 1:00 PM to 20 December 2020 at 11:59 AM.

• Promotion details •

♦ Share post. Receive free items during launch !! ♦

   Come and be a part of the greatness with Kritika:REBOOT Receive free items from the server, No need to pick for a winner! Everyone can share an "GODLIKE Kritika: REBOOT Launch post" by post on your own Facebook publicly. With a caption to invite friends to play and add a Hashtag #KritkaREBOOT If the share amount reaches the specified amount You can get items for free! Lit the server up with players!!


December 15, 2020, 1:00 p.m. to December 28, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

* GODLIKE team will capture the share amount on December 29 at 0.01 AM.
Rewards distributed via in-game gift box by 31 Dec 2020 at 11:59 PM.

• Award details •

- 100 shares Get a pet MongMong [MID]
- 200 shares get a Deer Mask [Bind] head costume.
- 300 shares get a costume of the head of Snowman Mask [Bind]
- 400 shares to receive Steampunk Weapon costume [Bind]
- 500 shares to receive a complete set of Palereligion Costume (Bind).

• Conditions •

*1 ID per 1 character can receive rewards only 1 time.
*It is a character binding item.
*Rewards will be compounded when the share limit is reached. For example, if 500 shares will receive all items from 100 to 500 shares.

♦ There are up to 25 classes to choose from! ♦

   Choose your characters And can change into a variety class of your choices different with unique skills! A starting class will be open to choose to play with a General Class and Side Class, a total of more than 25 classes!

General Class

◻ Warrior A strong warrior with a giant sword. Fiercely attacking And a great tank!

○ Berserker, a great sword warrior who turns anger. It's a crazy fighting power.
○ Fireblast Fighter equipped with steel gloves Filled with the power of fire
○ Doom Blade, the swordsman who uses the spirit sword. And swordsmanship that is fast, swift and powerful


◻ Rogue, a killer girl who can attack both close and medium range, can attack the fastest in the game.

○ Wolf Guardian fights with the Guardian Wolf and spirit animals.
○ Assassin, an assassin who created Debuff poisoning many enemies.
○ Catspaw the scratchy cat Cute but quick to attack The fastest in the game


◻ Gun Mage A mage that wields a gun as his primary weapon. He can strike or support a team from a distance.

○ Shadow Mage who was devoured by a grudge. And exploding with his servant Alteo
○ Warp Mage combines magic and advanced technology. Generate skill, lock target automatically.
○ Frost Mage utilizes the power of the cold element to control the freeze, supporting it from a distance.


◻ Noblia, a magical girl with tremendous miraculous power. And able to summon a minions as well

○ Tiny but cool Creator, a tiny inventor with her various weapons of destruction.
○ Elemental Fairy A magical girl with four elemental spirits with formidable skills.
○ Halomage, a young girl with a magical cannon, Twinkle Finale, that will engage fierce enemies


◻ Reaper Alchemist With excellent scythe skills You can continue combos up to your heart. And sway like the wind

○ Vamp uses powerful blood magic. Consume the blood of the enemy as a weapon. Return to affect the owner of the blood.
○ Rakshasa, the black grim reaper, reap the souls of enemies in chains. The more kills The more you hit the farther.


◻ Monk with a strong punch And a swift kick Can attack fierce melee

○ Galactic Disciple, a fighter that focuses on stopping enemies. By using the forces of the universe and stars
○ Dark Worship Lord of Darkness With a strong attack power continuously Powerful combo
○ Steam walker that manipulates pure energy. Possesses technology to increase the capability If you mix combo moves well Will give the enemy no chance to counterattack

Side Class

◻ Eclair, a Psychic mage who creates weapons according to the hybrid warrior imagination that mixes magic. And physical attacks perfectly

◻ Hong Ryoung, the strongest treasure hunter, who shoots fast. And the strength is second to none Comes with a companion falcon that joins the fight in every skill

♦ Explosion of fun With the most aggressive fighting style ♦

   Fight with hordes of monsters that will come in non-stop in Hack n 'Slash style, players can burst into combo attacks. Can continuously flow without interruption With effects of skill That are beautiful that will make all players enjoy You can hit the combo endlessly!

♦ Through the brutal dungeon! ♦

   Many dungeons are ready to conquer. Which is packed with various enemies that will invade and attack continuously from all directions, including the brutal and ready to awaken the fighting spirit of you.

   Before going down a dungeon, Players can choose Both with the most satisfying single go. Or fight with friends and Increase the chance to win items. It's even more fun!

♦ Battle boiling with PvP. Who is the boss now? ♦

   The arena boils PVP system where players can lead characters to fight with other players. You need to leverage fighting techniques And a combo of skills to compete as you like So let's measure who is better!

   By the PvP system of the game Kritika: REBOOT There are many modes to choose from, such as "1vs1" head to head battles or "Dead or Alive" 3vs3 or 2vs2 team battles.

   There is also a team mode to choose from with a lot of fun. "Team Battle" is a team battle of two or more, which will gradually fight one by one."Capture The Flag." "A fun mode that requires team plays Which has to be divided into raids, attacking the Guardian at the enemy base, and the other team to protect the base, etc. That said, players who enjoy PVP will definitely love the fun of this game.

This is just a few of the fun features. That player will experience the game Kritika:REBOOT Get it today! Come together to fight for the Kingdom of Kyrenia !!