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[Update] 27 Jan 2021 New Event and Lucky Draw!

[Update] 27 Jan 21 New Events more Rewards!

    The fun beyond the limit is coming. Do you have what it takes to participate in the ring?! Just come in and have fun with fierce Intense competition to assuredly find the most skilled warrior Of the Kyrenos Empire!! The new event "Login 3 hours" and event "Lucky Draw" Both will be update on 27 January 2021.


♦ Patch note details ♦

Update on 27 January 2021

○ [Event]

     - Login 3 hours get Event coins

     - Lucky Draw!

○ [Cash]

     - Cash items Lucky Draw coin Packs

○ [Fix Bugs]

Login 3 hours get Event coins

Event Period : 27 Jan 2021 (06.00am) - 24 Feb 2021 (05.59am)

     In Event Period, Just continued stay ingame more than 3 hours will get 7*Event Coins per day! Collect it and exchange cool items with NPC "Arendel" In any towns


Event Coin for collect it!


Event Reward can be exchange


Item name

Amount of Event coins

Pet Food


Soul Gem Random Box (Lv1-5)


Random Card (Low-Myth)


Enchancement Stones (Lv1-70) (100ชิ้น)


[Auxiliaray] Enchancement Stones (100ชิ้น)


Reidentify Scroll (100ชิ้น)


Recalculation Scroll (100ชิ้น)


[Myth] Gold Rune


[Auxiliaray] Safeguard Fuse Plus


Safeguard Fuse Plus


NPC Event for exchange cool rewards!

(NPC Arendel in any towns)

Lucky Draw! Try your luck, receive a rare prize!

Event Period : 27 Jan 2021 (after MA) - 24 Feb 2021 (06.00am)

     Come and Joy with Kritika:REBOOT "Lucky Draw seeking Rare Item" Inside board could be get RARE Item such as Pet and Pet Emblem, Enchancement items more than 33 list, Just have Lucky Draw Coins  


Details of all gacha items from the Lucky Draw event. (Jackpot in RED!)

Item List

MC Crow-tit

MC Crow-tit Emblem

[Myth] Gold Rune (20)

MC Sparrow

MC Sparrow Emblem

Reidentify Value Holer

Recalculation Value Holder

[Card] Rare~Myth Random Card Pack

Safeguard Fuse Plus (Tradable)

Mystery Box’n Key Bundle

Wildcard for Picking again

[Auxiliary] Safeguard Fuse Plus (Tradeable)

[Auxiliary] Enhancement Stone x100

[Auxiliary] Enhancement Stone x200

Immediate pet evolution Stone Box

Tokina’s pet coin x5

Tokina’s pet coin x10

Reidentify Value Holder (Single)

Recalculation Value Holder (Single)

Premium Service (3 Days)

Enhancement Stone(Lv66~70) x100

Enhancement Stone(Lv66~70) x200

Lugerveld Token x10

[Auxiliary] Safeguard Fuse Plus x2

Bet Challenge Coins x10

Bet Challenge Coins x5

Reidentify Value Holder x2

Recalculation Value Holder x2

Safeguard Fuse Plus x2

[Card] Rare~Myth Random Card Pack x2

Alkitec Golden Fiber Fishing Rod (7 Days) Box

***All items can be allow trade / Tradeable Item


MC Crow-tit


MC Sparrow


How to play the Lucky Draw

1. Click on the Lucky Draw icon at the bottom right of the UI Which will bring Lucky Draw UI

2. Using "Lucky Draw Coin" at least 1 coin to start random picking.

3. Coin can be found in Cash shop [F9] Consumable > Enhance

4. Once start picking the System will show you what items you recieves, press [Enter] to continued


Example of Jackpot!



5. Once the items has been obtain, it will deduce from the items pool and shown the remaining items


Lucky Draw coins packages!

** Lucky Draw Coins will be valid until Febuary 24, 2021. (6.00am)


Lucky Draw Coins Price

1 coin for 100c

10 coins for 1000c

50 coins for 5,000c

100 coins for 10,000c.

Lucky Draw Coins Pack

     It is a package that will receive both event coins. And regular gacha with a special discount of 29%. Press together for good value with the Lucky Draw Event Gacha and Mystery Box Gacha!

In the package will receive the following items

     5 Lucky Draw Coins

     2 Mystery Box'n Key Bundle

From normal price 700c

-29% discount to 500c

Lucky Draw Coins Big Pack

     Big Gacha Package For gacha players who will arrange up to 45 gacha items together and get a big 33% discount!!

In the package will receive the following items

     30 Lucky Draw Coins

     15 Mystery Box'n Key Bundle

From normal price 4,500c

Discount -33% to 3,000c


     It can be stated that it is an update that will offer many fun to the end of the year with the game GODLIKE Kritika: REBOOT. Don't miss em up!


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