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Cash TOP-UP True Money

   For GODLIKE Kritika:REBOOT , players can now refill Cash (top-up). Currently, you can recharge using True Money. (eg. cash, Razer Gold, and Cherry Credits will be added later) Now, let’s see the recharge steps !

1. Enter the GODLIKE Kritika:REBOOT website and click [Refill] to enter the refill webpage.

2. Login with your GODID. (Enter your username, password, check the box "I'm not a robot", and click login)

3. Once you enter member webpage click [Refill] or [ระบบเติมเงิน] to recharge

4. After entering the top up page, select the top up channels you want (True Money or PayPal), 

4.1 True Money channel : fill the Password/Pin (14 digits), and then click [Confirm] or [ยืนยัน]
* Notes : You can temporarily purchase a True Money Card from either these websites.

4.2 Select the TOPUP price and click Confirm.
Paypal method click [PayPal Checkout] and proceed the procedure to make a payment.


“Success” or “สำเร็จ” status means you refill cash to your GOD ID successfully, you can exchange cash for the game you want.
“Unsuccess” or “ไม่สำเร็จ” status means you refill cash unsuccessfully, you need to retry again.
If you enter the True Money password incorrectly multiple times, the system will suspend the top up for 6 hours.

5. Next is the cash exchange for Kritika:REBOOT, firstly, click [Shop] or [ร้านค้า]

6. Once you enter the Shop webpage, select Kritika:REBOOT

7. Then select the server you want to top up cash. Click [Thailand] to access the refill page for Kritika:REBOOT

8. In the refill page, select the cash amount you want to refill. By clicking on the amount will immediately refill the cash to your Kritika:REBOOT account.

Only these steps, everyone can refill cash to Kritika:REBOOT and buy various items ^^