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Cash shop Recommended !

   Greetings! Shopper! Prepare the cash and get ready! Welcome to the Kritika Cash Shop tour recommends essential items! Both goods and fashion costume, Which items are worth comparing the price clearly How worth it, let's see!

Unique privileges for Premium Service

   Get VIP-level privileges at affordable prices with more than 13 free items every day! With this privilege will support you to have more fun in both supporting character development. Whether it be purple rare pets or increased experience in dungeons. Helping to retain energy in the farm to find better loots. What will be included in the package? Let's see!

The privileges that the premium will receive as follow:

  1. EXP gained from monsters is increased by 20% when killing monsters.
  2. EXP earned from clearing stages will be increased by 20% at the end of the dungeon.
  3. Receive 1 item of Card pack every day throughout the premium period. Collect cards to increase stats.
  4. Three pieces of resurrection stones every day for the lifetime of a premium
  5. Skip the character cut scene. Can be pressed to skip character MVP range. Allow to reduce the time required for repeatedly farming in the dungeons.
  6. 10 additional Auction market licenses to sell more items.
  7. Enter a limited-round dungeon for an additional 1 round.
  8. Increases Transcendence by 30 by Transcendence. It will be used to unlock unique dungeons. And if this value is high, it is easier to fight in that dungeon.
  9. The vigor of the sky magic box 1 piece of costume will give you 5% faster running speed, increase hit rate 10% per Boss monster and Advanced 3% evasion.
  10. One premium fishing rod can fish faster and earn 400 master points, increasing your chances of getting rare fish. Which will give to all characters within the ID
  11. Skill Over Clock 1 day, one piece per character, reduces the skill unlock level. And retains the point in increasing the skill increase
  12. 6 of 30-minute drop rate increases the chance of dropping rare items. Which will given to all characters in the ID
  13. 1 Pigran Mario VIII Pet (1 Day) Helps to collect the items dropped in the dungeon. And to open a special shop mode in the dungeon That will acquire many items to help strengthen Which will give all characters in the ID.

※ All items cannot be sold or traded ※

Value of purchasing the VIP 1 day vs 30 days vs 365 days.

More value with the monthly premium privileges! Or an average yearly is  cheaper by half!

♦ 1 day premium, price 50c
♦ 30 days premiums from 1,500c to only 1,000c (saving 500c)
♦ 365 days premiums from a price 18,250c to only 7,000c (saving 11,250c)

Gachapon item Mystery box’n Key bundle.

   Gachapon will give out a rare item which you can't find anywhere, recommend the Mystery box’n Key bundle or the Gacha Keys Pack. I can advise you that it will not disappoint you, because you can select the type of box you want ! Plus get a key to unlock it!

   When you open the bundle box or the green Key: Mystery Selector Box and Mystery Golden Key each one per Mystery box’n Key bundle.

   The Mystery Selector box will be able to select 4 special boxes, each will receive a different random box. Whether it's a seal, a pet, a title, a special costume that doesn't sell normally in the game, weapon skins, and much more, it's all packed in a box. What is interesting in each box? Let's see!

Mystery Selector: Sealed Pandora Cube

   All items are gathered in this box, one box! Sealed Pandora Cube is complete, whether it is Items for character upgrades, costumes, pets, Artifact Wappen or Premium Service are in addition in the box! The specialty of this box is we will have a chance to win a jackpot bonus to receive special prizes as well, where 1 box has a chance to receive more than one item.

   And there is a chance to receive a special Season Fever bonus that will receive a unique title according to that season, for example.

Mystery Selector: Royal Style Class Box

   Luxury fashion must not miss! The Royal Style Class Box is properly packed with fashionable items that cannot be found anywhere else. In addition to this gachapon box only! The key in the box contains weapon skins according to the profession. And exceptionally rare wings as well. 1 box will receive 1 random costume.

Mystery Selector: Mystery Emblem Box

   An extremely rare seal is gathered in one box! Mystery Emblem Box has a chance to receive Legend grade stamps that cannot be found anywhere else. Come with many brutal statuses I tell you that besides being beautiful And also helps to increase the character's ability as well

For example, the Emblem in Gachapon increases the status

Mystery Selector: Pit-a-pat pet random box.

   Want a Pit-a-pat pet random box? 100% guaranteed pets, plus a possible chance to obtain a Legend-grade pet, 1 box will get 1 pet.

   The pets obtained from the gacha can be sold in the market. Or exchange it with NPC Tokina located in every city

   Talk to Tokina and select Pet Lab> Trade in and select the surplus pet. To exchange it for pet coins then go to Coin Toss. You can re-randomize pets with only 20 coins!

Take it to a new random, it's still not salt at all!

   For such a great value, Mystery box’n Key bundle can be purchased at a variety of prices, plus monthly packs. That will give a Mystery box’n Key bundle to open the fortune every day for 30 days.

Value for buying 1 box vs 10 boxes vs 100 boxes

♦ Mystery box’n Key bundle 1 box costs 100c.
♦ Mystery box’n Key bundle 10 boxes, from the price of 1,000c to only 970c.
♦ Mystery box’n Key bundle 100 boxes from 10,000c price to 9,000c only!

The Value of Buying Daily Key Packs 15 days vs 30 days.

♦ Mystery box'n Key bundle 15 days (first day will receive 3 boxes immediately, first 3 boxes, then will receive 1 box every day for 14 days, total 17 boxes.) from package price 1,700c to only 1,000c (saving Go 700c)

♦ Mystery box'n Key bundle 30 days (first day will receive 5 boxes immediately, then will receive 2 boxes daily for 29 days, total of 63 boxes.) from package price 6,300c to only 3,000c price (save 3,300c)

   The more you purchase 2 packages, the more worth it! Because they get more than 80 keys for only 4,000c (from 7,610c save 3,610c)

Combine strengthening items in the Cash Shop!

   For whom need to upgrade characters urgently and do not need to farm. You can purchase important items in the Cash Shop> Consumables, whether a stone increases the chance to enhance Item for locking stats. Item for separating jewels. Or even an item to change Prime Attribute is there too! Let's take a look at the recommended items.

♦ [Myth] Gold Rune Stone increases success rate for One Myth-grade equipment costs 50c. Buy 100c. It costs 4,700c from 5,000c, saving 1,700c.

♦ Safeguard Fuse Plus costs 100c, if buying 10 it will cost 980c.

♦ [Auxiliary] Safeguard Fuse Plus costs 150c, if you buy 10 it will cost 1,470c

♦ Reidentify Value Holder: An valuable item for locking status when reset. "Status item" 1 piece can be locked for 1 stats, 1 piece costs 100c, if buying 100 pieces will cost only 4,700c.

♦ Recalculation Value Holder: Specific item for locking status when reset. "Stats item" 1 piece can be locked 1 stats, 1 piece costs 100c, if buying 100 pieces will cost only 4,700c.

♦ Soul Gem Selector: Item for choosing Soul Gem when mixing Soul Gems into 10 new Soul Gems for only 100c!

♦ Omni-Socketter: When used, can put Soul Gems on any equipment. Because the gear will identifies the type of Soul Gem that can be loaded, 1 bottle costs 200c

♦ Prime Ability changing stone (Select): Item for changing Prime Ability of both main and optional equipment, Prime Ability can be specified, do not have to random 1 piece, price 300c

Fashion items for the characters!

   Pampered with fashion items with various items That I would like to recommend in the Cash Shop, I can say you must not miss it! Let's see!

♦ Character name frame item Just go to Cash Shop> Consumables> Text deco, you can shop for a beautiful name frame. Various designs, many colors at the price of 100c

   For anyone looking for a beautiful Cash costume, We recommend you to choose in the Costume page, you will choose to mix and match yourself. Or to buy a set of 9 pieces, it is beautiful. Importantly, in the shop, there will be a set of different occupations for each profession to buy as well.

♦ One set of separate pieces, price 200c.
♦ A set of 9 pieces cost 1,600c, 400c cheaper than Steam !! (Steam servers are sold for 2,000c)

Starter Package

A great value starter pack that contains over 7 items! At a price of only 1,000c or about 313 baht only! What to receive

♦ 1 set of 9 pandas
♦ 1 Nutcracker
♦ 1 Kindergarten Tokang or Kindergarden Guri Pet (optional)
♦ Large Imprint can be selected from 3, which can be selected as a complete set. Imprint can enhance battle efficiency and enhance skill effects.
♦ 10 Soul Gem Lv.3 Selection Boxes
♦ Two Pet Gem Selection Boxes help enhance pets. You can choose if you want to add. Attack or support
♦ Level 5 bottles, when activated, will instantly level up by 1 level.

Launch celebration package

A great value package that receives more than 8 items and in addition receives a gorgeous golden wing! This package costs only 3,000c or about 938 baht only! What is there? Let's see.

♦ 1 Red Mafia set of 9 pieces
♦ 1 golden wing
♦ 8 bits gun skins
♦ 1 Purple Rare Haicion Pet
♦ 1 golden fishing bet
♦ 2 Soul Gem Lv.5 Selection Boxes
♦ 10 Elite card packs

Mileage Stores

   A unique shop for friends Shopping lovers who spend every 100 Cash will receive Mileage 10 coins, which can be exchanged for items as well! The particular highlights are the “Mystery box’n Key bundle” that can be purchased for 2 boxes/week and a Class Change Coupon that even at level 70 you can still select a new class!

   There are also rare items like the "Celestial Costume Class Box", a distinctive costume that can only be bought with Mileage Coins! And can also choose a dress color as well

Mileage shop that can use accumulated points from using Cash to purchase items as well.